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 Our FREE ThriveAbility:Purpose module will help you build a rich and detailed picture of your life's Purpose right now. You'll uncover what's working or not working for you right now, and help you identify areas where you need better align your life with your discoveries.
Dan, co-founder Dark Swan

Course reviews

A great module! Dark Swan stand out for me because they have these real-life backgrounds, real life stories and you really feel it's genuine and authentic. Highly recommended!

Eleanor Cooper
Production Assistant
This module was so insightful. I discovered so much that had lay hidden for years. A worthwhile and highly recommended use of your time - I've already made changes to my life. 

Jonathan Miller
Strategy, Admin and Planning

Al Humes & Dan Cooke

Co-founders, Dark Swan
About us
Al Humes (top) spent 30 years in the British Army, whilst Dan Cooke is Operations Director for the humanitarian response charity, Serve On.  

Al became a recognised leader in the development of human performance training for the Army, in the public sector and later for elite athletes with UK Sport. He believes that the extraordinary is possible to achieve in the most daunting challenges when you can trust, support and encourage each other. True in sport, business and personal life, that belief underpins his vision for Dark Swan.

Dan deployed on many missions around the world and experienced first-hand the impossible odds that people face after natural disasters. He is an inspiring leader who sees purpose as the key factor allowing people to thrive under pressure. He is a high performance coach and works with elite international sports and multinationals. 
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